Municipal Court

Ore City Municipal Court

302 E. Main St.  Ore City, TX  75683

Phone: 903-968-2514    Fax: 903-968-6996

email: [email protected]


To make a payment or check your balance click here

Hours of Operation:

Court is held each Wednesday at 9:00 am

Walk in payments can be made Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:00 pm

If you wish to plead NOT GUILTY and request a trial you may do so by filling out the Plea Form HERE and returning it to the Court.

Alternatives to the full payment of any fine or costs:

If you are financially unable to pay a fine and/or court costs in full (one payment), there are other options, such as time payment plans and community services hours instead of paying the fine and court costs.  In certain situations in which a person cannot perform community service and is also Indigent and unable to pay out their fine and court costs on a time payment plan the Court will hear evidence about your financial situation to help you resolve this matter and may even reduce the fine and court costs or eliminate them completely, depending on the severity of your financial situation.

If you would like to request Community Service or ask that the Judge hear your case for Indigence please contact the Court and set up an appointment with the Judge.


If you have NOT taken a driving safety course in the last 12 calendar months, do NOT hold a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and are not charged with speeding 25 mph over the legal posted limit, cited in a work zone when workers are present, cited in a school zone or received a citation involving school transportation vehicles, then you are eligible to request to take a Driving Safety Course.  You must make this request in writing or by CERTIFIED mail by the due date on your citation.  You may get further instructions and fill out the request form HERE.

If approved, upon completion you will be required to present the court with a copy of your completion certificate as well as a current copy of your driving record which may be obtained HERE.


You may request to make monthly payments on your fine by filling out and returning the request form HERE.


Deferred Disposition is similar to probation, in that, upon approval the Judge will dismiss the charge against you at the end of the Deferral Period (no longer than six months) as long as you do not receive any citations within the Deferral period.  You can find the request for Deferred Disposition and further information HERE.


If you wish to plead GUILTY or NOLO CONTENDERE (no contest), and pay the fine without appearing in court (If you are a juvenile under 17 you must appear for court, accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.  You and your parent or legal guardian are required to inform the court of any change of address until final disposition of your case) you may make your payment HERE.

If you fail to appear in court the following could be the consequences:

  • Issuance of Criminal Warrants for you arrest and “Wanted” status reported to Law Enforcement agencies
  • Some cases are turned over to a collection agency which will add an additional 30% of all fees and fines assessed if you are found guilty of this offense
  • The filing of additional criminal charges such as Failure to Appear
  • A hold being placed on renewal of your driver’s license and/or vehicle registration renewal
  • You will be subject to immediate arrest if law enforcement officials stop you on the street, in any public place, or at your place of employment or residence


Before the passage of Senate Bill 1913, in order to promote justice, ensure due process and the equal treatment of all persons, some of whom may be indigent or facing financial hardships, and to help clear outstanding arrest warrants and capiases, this court instituted a policy that it will not arrest or jail any person who voluntarily surrenders themselves to this court on warrants issued by our court, if you make a good-faith effort to resolve the case before you are arrested and the warrant is executed.  In other words, if you have active Class C misdemeanor warrants issued by this court and you voluntarily come in to court YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED, THE WARRANT(S) WILL BE RECALLED, AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN A COURT DATE TO SPEAK TO THE JUDGE ABOUT YOUR CASE, WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING ARRESTED.

You may be eligible for dismissal of this ticket upon reparation of the defect.  Please call the court clerk for more information regarding dismissal of your citation.

If you have any questions regarding any of these options, or if you know you cannot appear on the date set for you on your citation, contact the court immediately so that we can provide you with a new court date. 

Judge: Lyle Potter